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Spotlight On Sarens In Angola

Spotlight On Sarens In Angola

Angola – a promising country offering broad business opportunities

This month, the focus is on Sarens’s operations in Angola. Sarens penetrated the Angolan market in 2021, providing heavy lifting and specialized transportation services. Over the past two years, the company has succeeded in solidifying its presence within the country. As per the Regional Director for South Africa, Tim Biesemans, Angola represents a stable economy with thriving sectors, thus presenting vast opportunities for the heavy lifting and specialized transport industry. With the nation experiencing rapid development, the prospect for a global specialist like Sarens to offer its wealth of experience, skilled workforce, and services has increased.

Sarens maintains an office in Luanda and a yard in Viana for equipment storage and maintenance. Their fleet comprises mobile telescopic cranes (50-500T), lattice boom crawlers (100-600T), among other equipment sourced from their South Africa regional office and Belgium headquarters.

Tim adds that the accommodating nature of Angola has allowed for synergies that have facilitated Sarens’s transformation into a locally-oriented company. The local presence simplifies business processes, enhances client relationships, eases project execution, and boosts confidence among new clients who prefer working with local companies.

We had a conversation with David Rojas, Country Manager for Angola, to gain more insight into the Angolan business unit. When asked about the importance of understanding the local business culture and Sarens’s efforts to adapt, David noted that familiarity with local business culture is a priority. It aids in integrating with clients and collaborators. To this end, Sarens has been hiring experienced local staff since its operations began in Angola. Attendance at local conferences and congresses has further enriched their understanding of the local business environment.

Concerning the on-ground team, Sarens has a mix of local and foreign employees with vast industry experience. They are trained and certified according to the highest international standards to ensure optimal job performance. They also receive safety, health, environment, and quality (SHEQ) training, fostering an engaged mindset.

Their team includes specialized crane operators, expert riggers, and experienced supervisors. There are also trained mechanical technicians who maintain the fleet with a strict maintenance plan. These experts provide top-tier service, thereby ensuring the continuity of projects.

In terms of equipment support, the South Africa headquarters provide hydraulic cranes (20-650T), crawler cranes (100-600T), SPMTs, jacking and skidding systems, and barges. The Belgium headquarters boast one of the most diverse and extensive equipment fleets globally, backed by 65 years of industry experience. Sarens also houses the world’s largest land-based crane – the SGC-250 or “Big Carl”. Their Technical Solutions Department offers complex structural calculations and provides effective solutions for clients, offering unmatched lifting and transport methods.

Regarding potential markets, Angola’s Oil & Gas sector tops the list, followed by mining and civil works. The growth in Angolan crude oil production necessitates infrastructure improvements and facility expansions. Sarens’s services are well-suited to these needs, given their diverse heavy lifting equipment fleet and extensive experience with large-scale projects.

In the Oil & Gas sector, Sarens provides a comprehensive solution for heavy lifting and transport needs. Their diverse, well-maintained equipment and experienced personnel facilitate collaborations at all project stages, ensuring cost-effective results and reduced timelines.

Sarens has a vast global experience across various sectors, including civil works, oil, gas, petrochemicals, minerals, metal & mining, and others. The company is always prepared to meet the evolving challenges of their clients, brought about by new technologies and industrial developments.

As for Angola’s shift to renewables, the nation is currently adopting renewable technologies, and Sarens’s experience in the global renewable energy sector is well aligned with Angola’s goals. Sarens can assist in transporting, lifting, and installing wind turbines, and in the construction of solar towers using their heavy luffing tower cranes.