Training Center

Since 2011, we train our own crane operators with a national training center, training over 30 crane operator per year.

Our certified collaborators are highly skilled, passionate with a strong sense of dedicator to our strong values.

The race of excellence has no finish line, that is why at Sarens Algerie we constantly upgrade our trainings to keep up with latest technologies and so that our collaborators can make the most out of their skills in their careers, offering a high quality of service to our clients.

Our projection will lead us into being able in the nearest future to offer certified training to third parties.

Crane Simulator

Every industry needs cost effective, quality operator training without interfering with production, compromising safety, and causing undue wear & tear on equipment.

That is why, Sarens Algérie has at it’s operators disposal a crane training simulators.

In a safe, controlled virtual environment operators can develop, test, and refresh their abilities on a variety tasks and skills necessary to safely operate a crane in today's work environment.

Lessons can be learnt from mistakes without risking safety or equipment.

Our Simulation based training allows for our crane operators to train in a safe environment with a variety of environments and exercises including highway bridge construction, power line proximity, crane setup, and preparation for operator certification testing.