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Since 2003, the pride and enthusiasm we all share at Sarens Algérie hasn't stopped growing spectacularly, getting from 04 to more than 450 collaborators .
If you’re looking for a unique atmosphere, a chance to be the best version of yourself, and make a difference, you’ll be amazed by what Sarens Algérie has to offer you.


Force on-field

Office staff

Sales force

We aim to achieve the exceptional. To do this, our engineers are trained by us to find innovative and groundbreaking solutions to a whole range of challenges thrown at us by our clients

From drivers, riggers, and mechanics to supervisors and on-site engineers, our operations in the field rely on flexible, decisive problem-solvers who are committed to teamwork and safety.

 It’s our planners, finance, HR, and other office staff that enable us to take on groundbreaking projects  all around Algeria. The high standard of their work sets up our people in the field for success, which in turn makes Sarens Algérie successful as a team

Our sales force is the timing belt that links our expertise to our clients needs, our top performing sales force lead the way into finding new challenges that align with our ambition to offer high quality services to help our clients succeed in their projects.